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Pregnancy week 41
Pregnancy Week 41

Pregnancy Week 41

Baby Development

By week 41, the fetus is as big as a ripened pumpkin. After birth, the baby’s fingers are up for manicure and pedicure by nail filers. The heartbeats are monitored, and the rest of the observations are also noticed. The baby might not leave home despite the arrival dates. Nothing is to be worried about until you reach 42 weeks of pregnancy. Less than 5 percent of babies come out of their chamber on the given due date by the practitioner, which implies that a miscalculation occurred.

The hormonal system of the baby is on point. It would start releasing stress hormones; the more the hormones, the quicker the labor pain. The baby’s first breath is prominent as it inflates all the air sacs inside its lungs.

Changes in mother

The body holds on to its seat and prepares itself for the delivery. It’s pretty easy to recognize as the pink- or red-tinged blood would show its appearance. 

A gush of contractions would take over your uterine walls, squeezing and relaxing them simultaneously for the perfect propulsion of the baby.

The ripples of pain would start from the back and end in the front, but all the cases might not have the density. If the mother is still confused, calling the practitioner and explaining in detail would be better.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 41 Symptoms

●Bloody show A pink or brown-tinged bloody mucous indicates that the cervix is dilated, thus, preparing itself for the delivery

●Weight loss After reaching an optimum level, the body weight would remain constant or decline. The sole reason for the weight loss is getting rid of excess amniotic fluid, sweat, or urine.  This weight loss is a good symbol indicating that you are ready for parturition.  Chances are there that the mother would burn more calories these days if nesting instincts had geared up.

Important Tips

What to do

  1. Stress-free There’s nothing to be worried about crossing the due date. An estimated 70 percent of pregnancies occur late due to miscalculations.
  2. Protein intake: These macromolecules are to be given sufficient priority. They help provide energy to the mother and are helpful for brain development in the child. Fish, eggs, tofu, soya beans, yogurt, and cottage cheese have packed nutrients.

What to avoid

Avoid taking undue stress over the delivery date. You are not overdue until it’s the 42nd week. As such, relax and wait for the delivery.

When to Consult a Doctor

Call a doctor if there is discomfort or pain or the water breaks.


By this week, the baby will be the size of a ripened pumpkin. The baby would have been delivered by now, but slight delays are natural. The mother might feel a little stressed but should try to relax. She would experience weight loss or cervix dilation, and she should eat iron and protein-rich food and take rest.

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