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Pregnancy week 42
Pregnancy Week 42

Pregnancy Week 42

Baby Development

By week 42, the baby has grown as big as a watermelon by that time. The baby has grown to about 50 cm long and 3-4 kg in weight. Since the mother has crossed her due date and has reached this week of pregnancy, the practitioner would now inject some labor-inducing drugs such as Pitocin. By then, the placenta might not provide the baby with oxygen and nutrients so the doctor might recommend some delivery-inducing medications.

A regular check-up is required to properly accomplish the delivery, which would help track the baby’s fetal movement. It’s a fact that the baby will be monitored for releasing non-stress tests or ultrasounds. The baby born after such a long interval might be tardy, have dry skin, long nails, and no lanugo. Panicking or overstressing should be avoided; fewer than 5 percent of women have their deliveries on time.

Changes in mother

Since the mother is over-expecting by then, the doctor will undoubtedly induce some pain-reviving drugs to proliferate labor pain. There is nothing to worry about and discouragement to be kept way far. One pre-labor sign is to have bowel movements. Some women experience mild diarrhea, but it’s a good symbol that the mother’s intestine empties, providing passage for the baby.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 42 symptoms

  • Diarrhea- The dawn of diarrhea is a symbol that labor is imminent. Intake of water and light food is recommended to avoid such a situation. 
  • Edema or pregnancy swelling is due to the increase in fluid. Not only ankles and feet, but sometimes, face, hands, and fingers swell. Drinking water is the only remedy for this.

Important Tips

What to do

  1. Inducing labor- Pitocin would be administered into the mother’s bloodstream to make a quick arrival of the latecomer. Pitocin will guide you for easy water breaks. 
  2. Contractions monitoring- If the contraction waves were strong for the first 45 seconds and sustained for more than 5 minutes, then rush to the doctor!
  3. Massage perineum- Perineal massage is an excellent way to avoid stinging at birth. Sliding clean and lubricated thumbs into the vagina and pressing it would help.

What to avoid

Avoid panicking. You know you are overdue, but taking the stress and panic mode is unsuitable for you or your baby.

When to Consult a Doctor

Talk with your doctor and have plans to induce labor.


By week 42, the baby will be the size of a ripened pumpkin at around 50 cm in length and 3-4kg in weight. The baby would have been delivered by now, but slight delays are natural. The mother might feel a little stressed, but she should try to relax, and she would experience weight loss or cervix dilation. She should eat iron and protein-rich food and take rest.

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