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Withdrawal Method

 Quick Facts

  • It needs a lot of self-control to pull the penis out at the time of ejaculation
  • Using a pull-out method makes the other contraceptives more effective.
  • Anyone, married couples, and teens, can use it.


Pulling out is less effective as a method of contraception. It is 78% effective, which means that in one year of using it as a sole contraceptive, 22 out of 100 women may get pregnant.

Pulling out 78%

Key Benefits 

  • There are no medical side effects.
  • It is an inexpensive and safe way to prevent pregnancy.
  • There are no medical contraindications.

What is the Withdrawal method?

In the withdrawal method (coitus interruptus), the erect penis is pulled out from the vagina to prevent the release of semen in the female.  It is pulled out before ejaculation to prevent pregnancy.  The ultimate goal is to prevent the sperm from reaching the vagina or even the external vulva (woman’s external genitals)

withdrawal method contraception
Withdrawal method requires a lot of self-control to pull out the penis.

How to use it correctly?

Pulling out is practiced, as its name indicates.  The man withdraws from inside you before his orgasm to reduce the chances of sperm entering the vagina and reaching the egg.  It is easier said than done. It needs a lot of self-control and practice. You need to understand your body. The withdrawal will be less effective if you cannot accurately predict the moment of highest arousal.

Take precautions If you plan to have sex again within a short period. You should pass urine and clean off the tip of your penis. It  will remove any remaining sperm from the previous ejaculatio

Myth and Truth

  • Myth: It’s easy to pull-out        

Truth: No, you may get into the flow at the peak of pleasure and don’t pull out.

  • Myth: It’s safe to have pre cum

Truth: Precum contains sperm, so if the liquid flow gets in contact with the vagina, it is advised to have other contraception or have a pregnancy test if you witness any symptoms.

  • Myth: Pulling out or withdrawal method is not good!

 Truth: This method is extra good as you don’t have to ask any doctor for advice, take any pills, have an abortion, or any treatment to prevent pregnancy. If you are pro in this and your timing matches, you can enjoy your sex life in every way possible without getting pregnant.

  • Myth: It protects you from STDs

Truth: It is entirely false. The withdrawal method doesn’t give any protection from STDs. Once the erectile organ is in the canal, there are chances of having a disease, even if you don’t ejaculate


  • It is convenient.
  • There is no use of any hormones or other chemicals and related side effects.
  • It has no health risks
  • You do not have to consult a doctor or get a prescription.
  • You can use the withdrawal method anytime you want.


  • It does not guard you against HIV (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted infections.
  • For some couples, this method seems to disrupt sexual pleasure.
  • It takes a lot of control for a man to pull out before ejaculation.
  • Your female partner will have no control over it at all.
  • Before ejaculation, there is a release of precum during sex. This pre-ejaculate contains sperm and may result in pregnancy.
  • It can be tough to decide when to pull out the penis.
  • You may not enjoy sex as much if you are under pressure to remove the penis from the vagina before orgasm.

Essential Tips

  • Initially, practice this method while wearing a condom.
  • Discuss with your partner if you intend to use this method.
  • Keep an emergency contraceptive ready In case of failure.
  • Use it with other methods when your partner is near ovulation. Keep track of her ovulation with an ovulation calendar.

Recommended to use if

  • You feel that you have self-control
  • Do not want to use other contraceptives for religious or philosophical reasons.
  • You are sexually aroused, and other methods are not readily available.
  • Sex is not very frequent.

Not Recommended if

  • You tend to Ejaculate quickly
  • There is not much feeling about when you are going to cum (ejaculate)

In Short

Using withdrawal methods for birth control needs self-control. Even then, it is not a particularly effective style of contraception. Sperms may enter the vagina if withdrawal is not made on time or if pre-ejaculation fluid contains sperms. This method does not protect from AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Healthcare providers do not generally recommend it.

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