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Sterilization in Female

 Quick Facts

  • Permanent method of contraception. Reversal is usually not possible.
  • It involves surgery that a trained healthcare provider does.
  • No long-term side effects.


As a contraceptive method, it is highly effective.  Fewer than 1 out of a hundred females who use female Sterilization as the sole contraceptive method may become pregnant within one year of having this procedure.

Female Sterilization 99%

Key Benefits 

  • Permanent
  • Highly effective

What is Sterilization in Female?

Female Sterilization is a permanent method of contraception. It is suitable if you are sure that you never want more kids. Female Sterilization prevents pregnancy by stopping the egg’s movement through the fallopian tubes. The fallopian tube acts as a link between your womb and the ovaries. The egg fails to meet the sperm, and there is no fusion.

How is it done?

The process is all about blocking off the fallopian tube, which is done in many ways. A few of them enlisted below:

  • It is done in hospitals under anesthesia
  • Applying clips of plastic or platinum to keep the fallopian tube closed
  • Using rings like a small loop of silicon that can help to clamp the fallopian tube
  • Cutting and then removing a small piece of the fallopian tube disconnecting the ovary from the uterus in a female body.
  • If the cut in the fallopian tube fails to work in some cases, the doctors recommend a salpingectomy, where the whole fallopian tube is removed.
  • Doctors access the fallopian tube by doing a laparoscopy near the belly button area; hence, the operation is minor, and the females return home on the same day.
  • You must use another contraceptive during the first three months after the operation.


  • It lasts lifelong
  • It does not interrupt sex as while wearing a condom
  • It is not affected by other medications
  • No risk of Hormone-related side effects
  • You do not need to remember to take a pill each day.


  • It is not reversible
  • Surgery-related complications may include pain, bleeding, infection, etc.
  • Rarely, there may be a sterilization failure in which the tubes reopen, or closure is partial
  • You need to undergo a surgical procedure by a trained healthcare provider
  • It does not guard against HIV (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Increased risk of tubal pregnancy.


  • Only some women can undergo Sterilization. There are no medical contraindications to use female Sterilization.
  • You will experience weight changes. Any weight gain after sterilization is probably not because of sterilization.
  • You will lose your sex drive. There is no loss of sexual drive after female Sterilization.
  • After Sterilization, a woman will no longer ovulate. It does not stop ovulation or affect a woman’s egg in any negative way.
  • There are health risks and side effects.There are no documented medical side effects from female Sterilization.
  • All your reproductive organs will be removed. Only fallopian tubes are cut to block the egg’s movement.
  • Sterilization causes cancer. Available scientific evidence finds no evidence of a link between Sterilization and increased risk of cancer.

Essential Tips

Before you go for Sterilization, be sure that you do not want any more kids. It is intended to be permanent. The surgery to reverse the operation is possible for only some women.  When you have enough tube left tissue. Even so, there is no guarantee of pregnancy. The reversal is quite tricky and expensive. Even if pregnancy occurs after reversal, the risk of ectopic pregnancy is more significant.

Recommended to use if

  • You never want to have a kid (or do not want any more kids)
  • You find it hard to follow temporary methods.

Not Recommended if

  • There is a remote chance that you will want to have kids in the future.
  • Sterilization is not your decision under free will but pressure from your partner, family, etc.

In Short

Consult your doctor to discuss if female Sterilization is the best birth control method for you. No lifestyle changes are necessary with female Sterilization, and there are no health risks. But it is strongly recommended that women not just choose it abruptly even if they don’t want to have a child. The reverse process is quite a difficult one. It is recommended for women about 35 in their mid-age; no case would require further babies.




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