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Pregnancy week 9
Pregnancy Week 9

Pregnancy Week 9

Baby Development

It’s been two months since you conceived, and by now, you will notice a few strong emotional surges and a few mood swings. But in a healthy pregnant mother, her child speeds up their process towards being more like a human. Every expectant mother must know all about the pregnancy journey closely, and here we bring you a detailed note of how the 9th week of pregnancy generally is. So, stay tuned and enlighten yourself through all the great and exciting information waiting for you ahead.

  • In an average healthy mother, the baby grows by an inch in the 9th week, about 2.5 to 3 cm. Surprisingly, the baby is nothing but the size of a mere cherry.
  • The physical features of the body of the baby continue to develop. The organ and the internal system of the baby’s body are under construction.
  • The baby’s body tends to be straight, and the embryonic tail also appears. The baby also develops ear lobes and the tip of the nose.
  • The eyelids of the baby tend to be formed, eventually covering the eyes.
  • The heart and the arteries are in the 9th week.
  • The bones and ribs in the baby’s body are in the process of taking shape.
  • It is also the stage where the baby’s pancreas, liver, and bile duct are made.
  • The baby tends to bend and move around in the 9th week of pregnancy, but the mother cannot feel that.
  • The skeleton of the baby begins to harden in the 9th week.
  • The development of the knee, elbow, and fingers occurs in the 9th week.
  • The intestine of the baby starts elongating
  • The hair follicle and the nipples are on making.

Changes in mother

A mother’s body has significant changes to undergo this week. They are mentioned in the following pointers:

  • The breasts and milk glands become more prominent due to the higher production of estrogen and progesterone
  • You can find a noticeable gain in weight, which is temporary. It can also be one of the symptoms which can be a significant difference for you.
  • The leveling up of hormones can bring a substantial emotional surge to the mother.
  • These are the changes that a mother can notice in the 9th week of pregnancy. But it all depends on the individual whose symptoms become more hectic.
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 9 Symptoms

  • The mother’s heart starts pumping faster
  • The breasts of the mother’s body start feeling sore and itchy.
  • The sickness in the morning will seem to reach heights this week.
  • Fatigue and frequent urination will constantly be noticed in the mother’s body.
  • Hormone production eventually gets higher. The first trimester continues to be difficult as the symptoms are not difficult.
  • Fatigue and frequent urination will constantly occur in the mother’s body.

Important Tips

What to do

  • While reaching the 9th week, go shopping for bras that can be supportive as the breasts start growing.
  • Mothers must focus on feeling good, as the ascending hormones can bring significant mood swings.
  • Visiting a doctor and going for an ultrasound should not be skipped. You can even get to hear the heartbeat of your baby.
  • Nutrition and wellness are the key points that a mother should take care of throughout the pregnancy.

What to avoid

  1. Avoid any foods and smells you might find disgusting, even though you loved them before the pregnancy.
  2. Abstain from smoking during pregnancy. The nicotine in smoke may hurt your future baby.
  3. Avoid particular food items that make you gassy.

When to Consult a Doctor

  1. Consult a doctor if you have pain in the abdomen.


Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and when you have entered the 9th week, your body becomes heavier, you start feeling that surreal presence of your baby within you, and altogether, you get some hurdles to deal with. Hope all information put forth from our end makes your journey easier and enlightens you for the better. But never miss out on the golden rule- Happy and healthy mothers can always give birth to strong babies.

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