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Pregnancy week 10
Pregnancy Week 10

Pregnancy Week 10

Baby Development

The baby finally developed into a fetus in the tenth week. As such, many changes are happening to its body during this time. The baby is currently one and a half-inch in length and can be compared to a prune size. The digestion process starts with digestive juice forming in the stomach and urine by the kidneys. This week, the baby’s body takes a more concrete step by developing bones and cartilage. Though it would take time for this process to complete, the baby has started developing the tiny tooth buds in his mouth. The baby also starts forming small elbows, knees, and ankles. Testosterone also starts producing if the baby is a boy.

Changes in mother

The mother’s body stretches a lot to accommodate the developing fetus. There would be a lot of veins that become more prominent in the belly and breasts area. This stretching can cause some ligaments to stretch and can’t support the growing belly. It causes much pain in that region, and you might feel bloated after meals. You may feel tired most of the time and have occasional headaches and dizziness. Remember to take it slow and get plenty of help from your loved ones. Remember, creating life is hard, hard work.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 10 Symptoms

  1. Food Craving & Aversions: – Your interest in food might turn wacky now. Some food you might have loved earlier could feel disgusting, while some foods that disgusted you may seem appealing. Listening to your body and eating food according to your new taste is best.
  2. Heartburn: – You might feel indigestion and get heartburn after a meal. Avoid spicy and fatty foods in your diet, and avoid lying down just after a meal.
  3. Vomiting: – Morning sickness might be very common at this time. Don’t miss any meal as it might make you queasier and lose nutrients and energy. Try to suck on lemon or ginger to alleviate the nausea feeling.
  4. More Vaginal discharge: – There is a lot of blood in the pelvic region due to estrogen in your system, which can cause a lot of white fluid discharges that are harmless but irritable.

Important Tips

What to do

  1. Take it easy and relax. You might experience a lot of mood swings due to hormones
  2. Eat a hearty breakfast. Your meals should contain all vitamins, especially Vitamin D. You can eat mangoes, fish, eggs, and milk products.
  3. Listen to your body and fulfill its needs.
  4. Take a lot of photographs of your cute baby bump.

What to avoid

  1. Avoid any foods and smells you might find disgusting, even though you loved them before the pregnancy.
  2. Abstain from smoking during pregnancy. The nicotine in smoke may hurt your future baby.
  3. Avoid particular food items that make you gassy.

When to Consult a Doctor

  1. A Doctor should be consulted if you are bleeding or having lots of pain or discharges.


The baby is 1.5 inches in length and has developed bones and cartilage. Digestive Juice and Urine are created, and Testosterone is also secreted if it’s a boy. The mother might get ligament pains, dizziness, indigestion, and nausea. There are cravings and Aversions for specific food items.

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