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Pregnancy week 40
Pregnancy Week 40

Pregnancy Week 40

Baby Development

By week 40 , the baby will be as big as a small pumpkin by this week. The baby is around 9 pounds and 22 inches. The below changes are noticed as the week passes by. The baby’s skin is dry by time and sheds off the vernix, which acts as a moisturizer. The mother’s placenta provides antibodies to the inside for the time. Later on, colostrum will help to boost its immune system. A blurry vision might initially accompany the baby, which will subsequently improve. If the delivery took place on time, your baby would tend to remain in the same swaddle position as it was inside the uterus. It would take time to undo its nine-month-old habit.

Changes in mother

This a sweet reminder to all expecting women out there! Just relax if you just passed the due date given. Most pregnancies last over 40 weeks, but don’t worry; the practitioner won’t let it drag on more.

It’s obvious to nurture the fear of pushing out a small pumpkin-sized creature from the mother. So, the baby’s size depends on the mother’s pelvis size and not the body frame. Mother Nature knows it well!

Fewer than 15 percent of women experience a membrane break before labor begins. Even if the water breaks, it will flow like a wave, slow leak, or small gush. It’s easy to determine the amniotic fluid, characterized as a colorless and odorless liquid.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 40 symptoms

  1. Pelvic pain is experienced when the baby approaches the pelvic floor, hips, and bladder. The pressure exerted is uncomfortable, so a sling investment would help support the weight of the tummy and take back pressure off the back and pelvis.
  2. Insomnia- It’s obvious to undergo sleepless nights as a mixture of anxiety and discomfort would shackle the circadian rhythm.
  3. Cervical dilation is measured in centimeters, which would say about the cervical ripening for the delivery. It would further lead to an active delivery.

Important Tips

What to do

  1. Iron-plus foods- A diet deficient in iron might cost you during delivery, leading to fatigue. Thus, iron-fortified cereals, fruits, dates, and nuts are a good source for the needful.
  2. Shaving safety- Shaving is fine until and unless the mother-to-be maintains the balance of the body. All she can see is a big belly, and bending down is a bad option.
  3. Low on stress hormones- A mixture of excitement and nervousness would certainly surge in the stress hormones leading to insomnia. So, the mother must relax by engaging in something productive like reading books, listening to music, or a slight waddle.

What to avoid

Avoid taking tension relating to delivery. Sometimes, the due date of the release is also shifted. Nothing’s to be worried about; the baby is still in a good state.

When to Consult a Doctor

  1. Visit the doctor at regular intervals for the baby’s progress.


By this week, the baby will be the size of a mini pumpkin. The skin is dry, and the eyes are blurry. The mother might feel a little anxious about the due date. However, it’s natural for slight delays. She would experience pelvic pain, sleepless nights, and dilation. She should eat iron-rich food and relax.

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