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Pregnancy week 17
Pregnancy Week 17

Pregnancy Week 17

Baby Development

Your baby has grown to 5  inches long and weighs nearly 5 ounces. The baby has begun developing body fat, which will accumulate until delivery. The baby’s heart rate is now twice that of an average human, at around 150 beats every minute. The fingerprints, which are distinct for every individual, are now starting to form. This process will be completed in a week or two with characteristic swirls in the fingertips and toes. The baby has begun practicing suckling and swallowing to prepare to suckle your breast after delivery.

Changes in mother

You would now have an increased appetite and try to eat everything you can find. It is due to the hunger and craving of the baby, which is growing rapidly. It is a welcome change from the morning sickness and uneasiness of the first trimester. Also, this increased appetite would cause you to gain much weight. This rapid increase in weight can leave a stretch mark on your body. Hence, to avoid those stretch marks, keep track of your weight, and maintain a healthy weight, get help from your Doctor. 

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 17 Symptoms

There are some different symptoms that the mother might feel at this time which are listed below

  1. Headaches and Backaches:- Headaches and Backaches are common during this time.
  2. Dehydration:- You need to keep drinking water to stay hydrated. Around 8-9 glasses of water are required daily to stop feeling faint or dizzy.
  3. Increased vaginal discharge and increased sensitivity to allergy.
  4. Increased breast size up to 3 cups to prepare your body for nursing.
  5. Skin issues:- There would be spots, stretch marks, tags, moles, and rashes. Though these are due to hormones surging in your body, sun exposure can aggravate skin issues. Hence keep yourself shaded, have sunscreen handy, and visit a dermatologist at regular intervals
  6. Sciatica:- Sharp pain across the sciatic nerves that connect your lower back to the feet via the buttock happens due to compression, slipped disc, arthritis, or the spinal cord becoming narrow

Important Tips

What to do

  1. Use scents, humidifier, and nasal strips, and sleep with your head elevated to keep any annoying smell away
  2. Use a back support chair and a firm mattress to help with back pains. You can add a cushion to the chair or a board to the bed for more support
  3. Have a lot of calcium. If you don’t like milk, you can go for fruit juices, green veggies, almonds, soy products, or calcium supplements.
  4. Do light stretches to stop sciatica

What to avoid

  1. Avoid lying down for some time after a meal to help digest it.
  2. Avoid the sun like it’s a plague. Try to stay indoors. Wear a hat and sunscreen if you are going out.

When to Consult a Doctor

  1. It’s better to consult a Doctor if you find pain in any part of your body unbearable
  2. A visit to a dentist is essential if you find your gums and ligaments are weak, and the tooth is loose.


At 17 weeks, the baby is rapidly growing, and their heart rate is twice the rate of an adult. The mother has a heightened smell, increased appetite, headaches, backaches, snores, and dental issues. Avoid the sun, do some light yoga, and stretch a little to keep the pain away.

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