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Pregnancy week 16
Pregnancy Week 16

Pregnancy Week 16

Baby Development

You have come four months holding your baby safe in your womb. The baby bump is undoubtedly a fantastic feeling during pregnancy, but many other symptoms, body changes, and changes in the baby accompany it.

The baby’s development grabs its space in the 16th week. There are some remarkable changes in the fetus’s body, which are indeed developmental and surely worth throwing light on. All of them are enlisted below:

  • The baby’s growth grows to the exact size of an avocado or something like that.
  • Sensitivity to light: The babies in the 16th week become sensitive to light. Their eyes remain closed, but their eyeballs make slight side-to-side movements this week.
  • Thumb sucking activity: The reflex action of sucking the thumb begins from the 16th week. They can conduct the sucking motion in the mother’s womb during this time.
  • Heart strengthening: The heart muscles develop to be stronger in the 16th week of pregnancy. The blood circulation system in the baby’s body is now beginning. The baby’s heart can even pump 25 quarts of blood each day.
  • Transparent skin: The baby’s skin becomes evident, and the face appears human-like.
  • Hearing abilities: The baby becomes capable of hearing and noticing voices.

Changes in mother

The changes in the mother’s body are hugely noticeable. And the changes might also differ depending on the body type of the mothers. Here are all of them mentioned below:

  • The weight gain in your pregnancy.
  • Showing off the baby bump.
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 16 Symptoms

The following symptoms are commonly noticed in a 16-week pregnant mother:

  • Nasal congestion: The mucous membranes of your nose start swelling up, and there is nasal congestion.
  • Constipation is a constant pregnancy symptom, and eating right is highly recommended.
  • Growth of breasts: The breast size grows in the 16th week of pregnancy.
  • More vaginal discharge: The vaginal discharge is more in the 16th week of pregnancy and can even be uncomfortable.
  • Backaches: Backaches are also symptoms of the 16th week. Hot water bags are a relief for this.
  • Varicose veins remain swollen in the 16th week, but it does not harm or is not painful anyway.
  • Bleeding gums: Oral care is essential because gum bleeding is possibly a symptom for the 16th week. Oil pulling relaxes the gums.

Important Tips

Here are a few major tips for a mother to have a safe 16th week:

  • Choose your food rightly: Attention plays a significant role in making your pregnancy journey easier. All you have to do is consciously choose the food items to eat. Above all, you also need a bit of suppression on your urge to binge on junk food. You can always select greens and fruits for better results; the idea is to keep it light to digest the food quickly.
  • Keep doing exercise daily: regular exercise can help your body feel well. The stretchability of your body enhances, and above all, weight management is much easier post-delivery. But you must take care that you are exercising under the guidance of
  • Do not be freckled and keep noticing symptoms thoroughly: Handling the pregnancy rightly is all about putting in the right amount of attention. You need to see the changes in your body and reach out to the doctor before any severe consequences.


When you are in your 16th week of pregnancy, you start showing the journey of your body. More than anything, you start feeling the presence of your little one within you, which is worth all the issues you are putting up with. Hope this article brings you all the information you require to be aware to deal with your 16th week gracefully. And do not ever forget that happy moms are healthy and healthy moms are happy!

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