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Woman’s condom

 Quick Facts

  • It is a temporary method of contraception.
  • Single-use: You must wear a new female condom each time you have sex.
  • Some couples find the inner and outer rings of the female condom make sex more pleasurable.


It is 95% effective when used correctly every time you have sex. It means that out of 100 couples who use a female condom as the only contraception method during sex, approximately 5 have a chance to become pregnant. In typical regular use, the female condom is about 75% to 82% effective

Female Condom 95%

Key Benefits 

  • When used correctly, they are a reliable method of preventing pregnancy.
  • Protection against sexually transmitted diseases(STDs).
  • There are no severe side effects.

What is a Female Condom?

A female condom is like a polyurethane pouch. Condoms made of nitrile are also available. It is more of a barrier that protects you from conceiving. It has two flexible rings at each end. One ring covers the external vulva, and the other prevents it from entering the cervix. You have to wear a condom inside the vagina or the anus before having sex. It can also save you from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), though it is less effective than a male condom.

How to use it correctly?

  • Check the expiry date on the condom pack. A condom in an expired pack is more likely to rupture. Open the package and remove the condom. Take care not to tear it. Do not open the packet with scissors or your teeth.
  • The female condom comes lubricated mostly, but you may add extra lube.
  • For anal sex, remove the inner ring. If you have to put the condom in your vagina, leave the ring.
  • Squeeze the smaller ring’s sides at the condom’s closed end and insert it into your vagina.Push the inner ring inside your vagina up to your cervix as far as it can go.
  • Ensure that the bigger ring at the open end of the condom should cover the area around the vaginal opening.
  • Check that the penis goes inside the condom only.
  • Gently pull out the female condom immediately after sex. You can squeeze the ends of the large ring to avoid leaking out of semen.
  • Discard a condom in a bin, not down the toilet.


  • Interruption while putting on a male condom may kill the mood of some couples. Female condoms can sidestep this, as you can wear them for up to eight hours before sex
  • You may use Polyurethane or nitrile-made female condoms with all types of lubricants
  • You may buy them without a prescription
  • They can reasonably fall within budget and are not very expensive.
  • They are abundantly available in drug stores.
  • They can prove to be helpful during intercourse in pregnancy or menstruation.
  • Allergic reactions are rare


  • There may be a reduction in the level of pleasure during intercourse for some couples using female condoms.
  • The lady may feel bland during intercourse as there is zero clitoral sensation.
  • There can be an irritating noise while using a female condom during intercourse that might turn a couple off.
  • If not used correctly, they may tear or split.
  • You may need to practice inserting them

Essential Tips

The primary trick lies in the right way of using it. Let’s check out a few tips that might help you wear it correctly:

  • You must be careful with fingernails to ensure the condom does not rupture.
  • Couples must avoid using female and male condoms at the same time.
  • Never use tampons and female condoms together.
  • Use one condom for once only for safety.
  • Contact a health care provider about emergency contraception if the condom tears or the contents spill while removing it.

Recommended to use if

  • Most individuals can safely use female condoms. You can use them instantly after having childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion.

Not Recommended if

  • Female condoms may not be a suitable method for you if you are not comfortable touching your genital area.

In Short

A female condom is an effective birth control method and is relatively inexpensive. Using it right can be tricky. Hence, you may take the help of physicians to have a better experience.




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