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Pregnancy Week 38
Pregnancy Week 38

Pregnancy Week 38

Baby Development

By week 38, the baby is like a mini watermelon, around 50 cm in length and 3.2 kg in weight. The eye color can be bluish, greyish, or brownish, but they would eventually start bending to their original color. The fine hair covering the baby’s body or the lanugo would start shedding for the delivery. The baby’s lungs and vocal cords are strengthened by this time to support their wails and cries. There is shedding of both vernix and lanugo.

At the same time, the accumulation of surfactants takes place to avoid the collapse of the lungs. The intestine works perfectly. The amniotic fluid gulped in earlier is now processed with wastage to come out like a baby’s first excretion. There is the continuous addition of fats and the development of the brain.

Changes in mother

The baby would start dropping into the pelvis, thus, developing pressure in the pelvic region. Anxious, restless nights and leaking breasts are the deadliest combinations for the approach of the delivery.

Many pregnant women release colostrum which is  pre-milk with high protein and antibodies. No nutritional food can ever match a mother’s milk, and it provides the required immunity to the child after birth. Hence, it shouldn’t be exchanged for other supplements or milk powder.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 38 symptoms

  • Bloody show- A pinkish or brownish bloody mucus indicates that the cervix is dilated, thus preparing itself for the delivery.
  • Diarrhea- the dawn of diarrhea indicates labor is near. A Higher Intake of water and light food is recommended to avoid such a situation.
  • Mucus plug- It will look like a yellowish discharge tinged with blood. Don’t worry; having predefined knowledge would be better for the mother.

Important Tips

What to do

  1. Stock the refrigerator with frozen foods like soups, stews, casseroles, and mini meatloaves.
  2. Loose and relaxed clothes- The hormones bring about the heat in the body due to hypermetabolism, which can be minimized by wearing loose and comfy clothes. Applying talc-free powder or merely sitting in front of the AC might help.
  3. Induce labor– Eat certain foods like eggplants as they might induce labor, as stated by old wives. Though this is not scientifically proven, it doesn’t hurt to try.

What to avoid

  1. Avoid getting tense, as staying relaxed is very important. Listen to music, watch TV, or do anything to remain calm.

When to Consult a Doctor

  1. To discuss methods to cope with the pain and discomfort as the due date comes nearer.


By this week, The Baby is like a mini watermelon, shedding vernix and lanugo. The eye color would be temporarily blue, grey, or brown before changing into the intended color. All organs are now working perfectly, and the brain is developing. Mother would have sleepless nights, leaky breasts, mucus plugs, and diarrhea. She should have a well-stocked refrigerator, wear cool clothes, and stay relaxed.

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