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Pregnancy week 23
Pregnancy Week 23

Pregnancy Week 23

Baby Development

By this week, your baby is 11 inches long and a little more than a pound in weight. The baby’s fat has developed and will quickly fill the saggy face. The baby is now a little pink in color due to the veins.

In addition to the vein, the baby’s bones and organs can be seen through the skin. It will change once the fat layer deposits. The baby’s limb has become much stronger, and you would feel those kicks a little too well now. The placenta is ready to function by now. It transports nutrients from food and much-needed oxygen to the baby while eliminating the waste produced. You would now hear the baby’s rapidly beating heart through a stethoscope.

Changes in mother

By this week, many changes have happened to the mother’s body, and not all are for the better. The mother would be a little dizzy due to pregnancy hormones and have swollen feet, red palms, and red soles. The stretch mark would increase in red, purple, and brown shades. There would also be linea nigra, a dark line that runs across the belly button to your private parts. It is pretty evident with mothers of darker skin tones. Also, the skin would darken in the areola, nose, and freckles. You needn’t worry a lot. These changes are temporary and will gradually fade after delivery.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 23 Symptoms

A few symptoms that a mother experiences this week are listed below

  1.  Kicks:-  The baby has developed quite a bit, and the kicks have been getting intense. Now you should be mentally prepared to brace for it.
  2. Tingling- This tingling sensation in the wrist is due to swelling. It closely resembles carpal tunnel syndrome. If you work at a computer, then take regular breaks and ensure that  your wrist doesn’t take undue stress
  3. Bleeding gum:- The gums can swell and bleed due to the hormones. Brush regularly and avoid any sweet stuff.
  4. Snore:- Due to the swollen membrane and congestion of the nasal cavity,  snoring is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms.

Important Tips

What to do

  1. It’s essential to relax and sleep soundly. Do meditate, do light exercises, and do yoga.
  2. You can try herbal concealers for stretch marks. Remember to never go for bleach or any harmful chemical cosmetic during pregnancy.
  3. Switch to herbal products and avoid toxic chemicals that can cause damage to you or your baby.

What to avoid

  1. Avoid any sweet stuff.
  2. Avoid any strenuous activity.

When to Consult a Doctor

  1. If your gums are swollen and bleed a lot.


At 23 weeks, the baby would be 11 inches long and weigh slightly more than a pound. The mother would have stretch marks, appetite, snoring, and skin darkening in a few regions. Do relax by meditating and doing light yoga.

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