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Pregnancy week 12
Pregnancy Week 12

Pregnancy Week 12

Baby Development

A mummy-to-be has to go through a lot before finally accomplishing that surreal moment of having a glance at her happy and healthy baby. In the 12th week of the journey, the system has a major metamorphosis that prepares the mum for the challenges ahead. You must know the following information to deal with it to the best of your capabilities.

  • The nails of the baby’s fingers start developing.
  • All the external organs of the baby start shaping up and become distinguishable.
  • Fingers and toes shape up, and they are not webbed anymore
  • The sex organs that are external start appearing in the baby’s body
  • Ears tend to shape up

Changes in mother

In the 12th week of your pregnancy, you are closer to achieving the typical pregnant body. These changes can magically give you a mummy-to-be feel; you must never let go of it. Let’s head on to the major body changes that one can notice in the 12th week of pregnancy:

  • If you have not checked out the changing shape of your body yet, you will be automatically driven in front of a mirror, and the reason is your baby bump which appears fuller, bigger, and quite round in the lower abdomen.
  • Your pregnancy starts showing up nicely in a normal body. The uterus is the woman’s body that grows more prominent.
  • Weight gain is quite noticeable in this week of the journey.
  • The areolas around the nipple tend to be darker in the 12th week.
  • The breasts of the mother’s body become sore in the 12th week.
  • The skin of the mother body starts pigmenting, termed melasma
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Note: This calculation is based on Naegele's rule.

Pregnancy Week 12 symptoms

  • Ladies in their 12th week of pregnancy feel constipated, which is a constant symptom throughout the first trimester.
  • Fatigued body, nausea, and vomiting remain a women’s constant companion throughout the 12th week of pregnancy.
  • Gum bleeding is another symptom that might show up.
  • Along with the mood swings, the 12th week of pregnancy adds to a woman’s strong aversions to food choices. A woman is more likely to mess up with the whole system during this time due to her strong food aversions, whereas keeping an eye on her nutritional needs is necessary.
  • Women can notice major gastric issues and heartburn, but constant walking or movement of the body might even prevent this.
  • A woman can undoubtedly feel a bit bloated due to a gastric issue.
  • The vaginal discharge levels are up at this point in the pregnancy journey.
  • Occasional headaches can also be the symptoms of the 12th week of pregnancy.
  • You can feel pain in your bulging belly at this stage, sharp or dull, depending on the individual. The stretching of the ligaments causes it.

Important Tips

  • Some women start feeling a bit insecure considering the pre-notion body image, but you must pay heed that there is nothing more beautiful than holding a baby within. Some women show the bump earlier than others, and it is strongly recommended to talk to the doctor during this period if you are petrified of the shape.
  • Since women’s bodies feel constipated, level up fiber consumption. Sipping water throughout the day can even help, and dried fruits come to the rescue of how far binging is concerned.
  • Moving around and walking also can help in having good bowel movements.
  • Do not take a chance with your system; stay away from the triggering smell.
  • A supplemental source of Vitamin D can do many virtuous miracles for your body.
  • And lastly, try to feel excellent about your pregnancy rather than receiving a negative surge of feelings.


Imbibe the enlightening information above with positivity and strengthen yourself for the coming weeks. You are the nurturer, beautifully strong, and the bearer of our existence! 

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